Every year we celebrate and pay our respects on Remembrance Sunday to those who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we do today.

Normally the day features a service then a procession to the local cenotaph; this year, however, with social distancing and other rules, was somewhat different. I visited numerous memorials, mostly by myself, to pay my respects and lay a wreath. It was heart-warming to see so many others had done the same thing.

Numerous churches and organisers around the area had arranged for various service personnel, emergency service workers, youth groups, politicians etc to lay wreathes between certain dates so they didn’t come into contact with each other.

This idea worked very well, allowing people to safely pay their respects.

Thanks to everyone who organised and took part in this unusual format.

There may be a lot of disagreement throughout the country currently, but without the sacrifice so many made before us thought, we wouldn’t have that ability to disagree. It is something we can all communally agree on and respect what those before us have done for our today.

Meanwhile, throughout the coronavirus pandemic we have seen the vast amount of money the UK Government has pumped into Scotland – not just in grant and loans, but also directly to workers through the furlough system and indeed extra funding for Universal Credit.

Yet in many areas the SNP government changed the rules from the rest of the UK, meaning numerous businesses and people didn’t receive the level of support they should have.

I had numerous businesses contact me stating they would have received support had they been in another part of the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus funding aside, we have recently learned about £16.5billion in funding over four years for the UK armed forces. This will benefit Scotland massively through Clyde shipbuilding and the establishment of the UK Space Command force in Scotland. This promises to secure and create more jobs.

Also recently announced was the £251million Growth Deal for Ayrshire, which has been reported as a “transformational moment for the region”. The UK Government is investing directly in Scotland securing and creating jobs – regardless of what the SNP would try to have you believe.