As we finally come into spring the cold winter is moving behind us and we can look forward to restrictions easing.

It will be great to see the local businesses being able to open again and people being able to visit friends and family.

The roll out of the vaccine has been a great effort and supported by the UK Government in ensuring plentiful supply of the vaccine and support from the British Army.

People are now receiving their second doses, which is fantastic to keep the most vulnerable safe.

As the roads get busier, it’s good to see the council starting to resurface roads in Dumbarton.

With an increase in the number of cars on the roads and the challenging weather, it becomes a constant battle.

Just in time for travel restrictions beginning to ease.

It was great to read about The Phoenix having a defibrillator installed recently.

These are vital life-saving bits of equipment.

West Dunbartonshire Council invested in defibrillators a couple of years ago and it’s good to see community hubs installing them also.

The more positioned around the area the better.

They are easy to use and can save lives until paramedics arrive.

With my colleague, Councillor Sally Page, I supported the initiative lead by Maurice Corry to establish mental health services at the Vale of Leven Hospital.

Most of us will at some point use the services at the Vale of Leven Hospital so it’s vital that we continue to support the hospital and encourage new services there.

Mental health is something that is becoming more recognised and something which the coronavirus pandemic has only made worse.

It is important people get the help and support that they require.