With the good spell of weather we have had recently, it’s hard to believe it’s not summer!

It certainly looks like it when you see so many families at the play park in Levengrove so we will hope it’s a good omen.

I always feel that the Friends of Levengrove together with West Dunbartonshire Council have made such a difference to the park and we are indeed very lucky to have such a facility on our doorstep.

Another good thing is the cafe is now open from 10am and it’s a very popular place to enjoy a coffee, even if we can’t have a seat inside meantime.

It feels as if we are emerging from a very difficult year and might be seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

More shops and facilities are now open and people will hopefully find they still have a job to go back to.

For our part, tempting as it is to travel outwith the area, it would be good to try and help the local economy – so spend locally!

It’s the only way to help our area regain lost revenue.

The new walkway in Dumbarton is looking good, but we have had comments from some residents that the standard of the finish varies across the pathway; this has been raised with WDC and, we hope, will be looked at before the contractors leave the site.

Despite this, it is a popular part of the daily walk people are taking during the restrictions.

Coming to the quay, we have the new children’s area, which seems to be a success – but the amount of rubbish spread along the quay, due to the bins filling up very quickly with takeaway food containers, is problematic, as the seagulls, always on the lookout for food, pick out the containers and spread the waste along the quay.

Should we be lucky enough to have visitors during the summer, this problem will only increase, and this would be difficult to manage.

A different style of rubbish bin would possibly be the answer, but the better they are, the more expensive they become.

We’ll keep looking for a solution.

Unfortunately, the netting to control the pigeons at Dumbarton East station has more or less disappeared.

It is not known whether it has been snagged by a large vehicle or cut.

Regardless, this is not being ignored, and quotes are awaited to either provide new netting or metal mesh panels.

In the meantime, we’ll hope the displaced pigeons don’t take up residence again!

At the entrance to Dumbarton East Park, the stonemasons have nearly finished rebuilding the pillar which was knocked down by a reversing lorry.

Although the work has been carried out in accordance with building standards, and a final natural stone coating applied, it’s a shame it ever happened in the first place.

Enjoy your summer.