The Scottish Parliament has reconvened after the election.

We now face the most challenging term yet in Holyrood’s history.

I’d like to thank the nearly 27,000 voters across the West of Scotland - around 4,000 people in West Dunbartonshire - who voted Green, backing me for a second term as your MSP.

There is a truly huge amount to do over the coming years, so I’m looking forward to keeping Dumbarton Reporter readers up to date with as much of that work as possible.

Once again, Green MSPs are in a strong position following the SNP falling just short of an overall majority.

In the last five years we used this position of influence to secure schemes such as free bus travel for all young people and universal free school meals in primary schools, both of which will start later this year.

Locally, I will continue to work with Balloch residents to stop Flamingo Land’s latest attempt at a destructive and unwelcome ‘resort’ development on publicly-owned land at Loch Lomond.

We can not only protect the land, local community and existing businesses but also create quality jobs here.

As you may have seen, the Greens and SNP have agreed to begin formal talks on a potential cooperation agreement.

Our parties may have some stark differences in areas ranging from education to animal welfare, but we believe the public expect their politicians not only to cooperate but to push each other out of our comfort zones and deliver the recovery Scotland needs.

I am determined that our pandemic recovery also tackles the next major crisis we face, the climate emergency.

With just nine years left before the planet reaches its tipping point, we have a moral obligation to do all we can to tackle this crisis.

We certainly can’t go back to an ‘old normal’ which resulted not only in climate catastrophe but in gross levels of poverty and inequality.

Greens have a plan to create 100,000 jobs and I’ll be fighting for the West of Scotland to be at the centre of this recovery.

I’ll once again be the Greens’ education spokesperson, with my immediate priority being addressing the SQA’s scandalous handling of this year’s school assessments.

Having stepped in to fix their mess last year (forcing the restoration of all 125,000 lowered grades), I’m frustrated that we are here again so quickly, and I’m determined that lasting reform of the SQA & exams system be an achievement of this parliamentary term.