According to reports, one in seven of Britain’s young men is anxiety ridden.

Instead of enjoying their carefree twenties and thirties, men are racked with worry about employment issues, time pressures and financing their lifestyles.

That perhaps goes some way to explaining why they behave the way they do from time to time. (Would it kill them to wipe up properly after themselves, and carry our suitcases at the airport?) But let’s face it, they’re not alone.

There is a theory that late 20th century life, with its bizarre mix of extreme comfort and insecurity, is causing people to mature at a slower rate. This leads to young people – girls included – leaving home later because we’ve spent all our cash in Cruise, Starbucks and Ibiza.

We’ve all got overly ambitious aspirations for ourselves too.

Yes, naturally we’ll have a zippy Audi, cool Swedish-style bolthole and a wardrobe full of Valentino trainers three years after we leave university. Ironically, as well as high flying careers, we all want more time for ourselves.

And we hope to achieve all this whilst reducing our debt levels as well. (Balance transfer anyone?)

But then what about women’s roles in society? When are we supposed to fit in having children to this abstract, messy picture?

Because nowadays, before you know it, you are 35, boyfriend-less, and in need of a baby-daddy ASAP, before you run out of eggs. Let’s face it, life isn’t easy at any stage.

If you are reading this and you’re between 26 and 40 then you should be experiencing a more stabilising time, with your focus on career development, relationships and possibly marriage.

It seems to me there’s always dilemmas concerning who and what to commit to, (mortgage – Halifax or RBS?, person – Bradley or Ryan?, profession – stylist or accountant?) and also of course, the financial strains involved in settling down, that is, if you’ve not settled “up”.

There will probably be a sense of ‘loss of youth’ (wrinkles eek!) and personal freedom (you’ve spent all your cash on a three-piece suite, so no more clubbing) and this can affect your decision-making powers, in that you probably don’t want to make any more! It’s all a bit overwhelming.

Best just to kick back with a martini then, and drown your sorrows, or you could buy a new mascara on your credit card? Perhaps it’s time for major changes – maybe some highlights in early 2017? And talking of 2017, have you thought about resolutions yet?

Happy New Year one and all.