Born into a family of seasoned fighters, it came as no surprise when Martin Harkin followed in their footsteps and become a professional boxer.

And with an impressive record of 8-0 after last Saturday’s win, he’s fast becoming a fine pro.

It is still early days of course, but the 26-year-old Dumbarton brawler isn’t hanging around in looking to add to and improve on his record.

“I spoke to my manager after the fight and told him I’m still fresh and ready to go again as soon as possible,” he told the Reporter. “I’m hoping to be back in again before the end of the year - hopefully at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow at the end of November.

“I’m fresh and I have no injuries so there is no reason not to be fighting. I can’t wait to go again. This is a short career, you only get the one chance and I don’t want to hang about. I want to rack up as many wins as I can and see where I can go.”

With serious power behind every calculated, well-timed shot and a fantastic amateur pedigree, you would have to back the welterweight to go as far as he wants.

Going in against a man more than a stone heavier than him at short notice shows he also has the bottle to back up the talent.

His scheduled opponent for last weekend’s fight pulled out at the last minute only to be replaced with 73-fight veteran Chris Jenkinson.

Weighing around 15lbs lighter, it looked a relatively tough outing on paper for Harkin.

But you could see that the 35-year-old wanted nothing to do with Harkin’s power, refusing to continue after the second round and getting out of the ring as quick as he could.

Harkin’s love of the sport and mentality stems from his father Robert and his uncle James who were both pros - with his dad challenging for British and Commonwealth honours.

“Boxing is in my blood,” he confessed. “It’s been in my family ever since I can remember through my dad and my uncle. It’s been generation after generation of boxers in the family and I’m just carrying it on now.

“I was brought up boxing. I would travel with my dad around a lot of different gyms in the UK. I’d be there as a wee boy just hitting all the bags and ever since then I was hooked.”

With 70 plus amateur fights behind him and a proud boxing tradition running through the family, Harkin has all the tools to go as far as he wants in this sport.

“I’m glad I’ve got a good amateur pedigree behind me. I’ve boxed all over the world with the Scotland team so I’ve also got confidence in my ability,” he added.

“Title opportunities will be there. I am still young at 26 so my biggest priority in the sport is to be active. I don’t want to be sitting in 10 years time thinking what could have been. I don’t want to live like that. Boxing is what I love doing so there’s no reason for me not to fight regular.

“I want to headline the big fight nights myself. It was an unbelievable reception last week and that pushes you on. It would be a dream come true if there was ever one of these shows in Dumbarton - hopefully I’m the person to bring it.”