Osaka Kwai rounded off a great month of competitions with two of their youngest Judokas taking part in JudoScotland’s Scottish Mini Mons championship in Wishaw at the weekend.

JudoScotland pick an ethos for the competition each year with this year’s being ‘self-control’ - a very important skill in judo and martial arts which Osaka Kwai members Freya Miller, 9, and Liam Foy, 10, showed in abundance.

First up, Freya fought a total of six matches to win a well-deserved silver. Losing her first match of the day, the youngster showed sheer determination to win her next four fights to set up a rematch against her first opponent.

And, despite coming up just short once again, Frey was awarded with an excellent silver medal for her efforts.

Next up, Liam started off comfortably in winning his first match before going on to narrowly lose his second.

He bounced back in his third only to lose out again in his fourth which then set up a bronze medal match in which he fought with maturity to clinch a deserved bronze.

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With JudoScotland’s strict guidelines in place, the Osaka Kwai youngsters were on the mats themselves with no coaches, but they both overcame any nerves to perform excellently on the day.

Coach Jon Robertson said: “They were fantastic. Congratulations to the pair. Competing is never easy and they did themselves proud - the medals are just a bonus. As always, I’m a proud coach.”

The club’s latest success adds to their recent medal haul with a further three bronze, five silver and two gold medals over the last month with Jamie Butler, 6, Noah Molden, 7, Jacob Cheeseman, 7, Lochlan Robb, 7, Joe Butler 9, Findlay Molden, 9, and Aaron Graham, also 9, all tasting success at the Hamilton and East Kilbride Judo Festival on May 12.

Osaka were also well-represented at the Clyde Grand Prix at the end of April with Skye Kane, Shane Vernon and Darcy Miller on the podium.

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