Dumbarton boss Jim Duffy has hailed Sons fans as “outstanding” after the club’s £25,000 fundraising target was reached last week.

Donations came in from all around the world and supporters of other teams also contributed towards the campaign that continues to grow.

The Sons gaffer believes the passion and love for the club has been highlighted in these turbulent times and the money has ensured that there is a team to support when football returns.

Speaking to the Reporter, he said: “It’s amazing and I think people underestimate and undervalue supporter loyalty at clubs like Dumbarton.

“When you’re at a club like Dumbarton and you’ve got the fanbase there is - to raise £25,000 in that period of time, which was a very short time in amongst an economic crisis, then I have to say it’s absolutely outstanding and I would still say that if I wasn’t manager of Dumbarton.

“It’s an amazing sense of loyalty and feeling for the club that can’t be underestimated.

“It shows what clubs mean to supporters and communities. They mean the world to them and are willing to do everything they can to try and sustain that business.

“The fans have helped the club keep going and that’s the number one priority – that there’s still a Dumbarton there whenever the season starts that they can come back and support.

“It’s not like a wee cushion of money, it’s actually badly needed and if we didn’t get that money we would have been really toiling.

“I think everybody from the club would say a huge thank you to supporters for managing to achieve that amount of money in that period of time.”

John Steele, Sons chairman, told the Reporter further fundraising programs are on the horizon.

He added: “Achieving a £25,000 target on the Support Our Sons crowdfunder in just a few weeks is a magnificent achievement.

“We are incredibly grateful – thank you to one and all.

“It’s a tribute to our fans that they have achieved this and makes a huge difference to the club.

“Finances are really tough for all small clubs in Scotland under the Covid-19 lockdown, and the money our supporters have raised is a lifeline.

“Of course, this isn’t the end of things. We are going to need to go on generating income over the summer, and as we look to build towards an eventual re-opening of the game, whenever that may come.

“So, there are further fundraising initiatives around the corner, and we will be explaining how the money is being used as we go along.

“Player retention and recruitment will obviously be one major issue.”

Duffy’s contract is set to expire in June, and whilst the former Morton boss is keen to stay at the club, he accepts that talks have to be put on hold for now.

He said: “There’s nothing that can be done just now regarding myself, staff or players.

“The club can’t go and put themselves in a situation where we don’t know what’s around the corner.”