A squad of Dumbarton supporters will get the opportunity to brush shoulders with their heroes this weekend when they take on a Sons all-star team.

The fundraising match, which is part of the club's 150th anniversary celebrations, takes place at the Dumbarton Football Stadium on Sunday, May 7 at 2:00pm – not even 24 hours after the club's first-team wrap up their League Two campaign against Stranraer.

Modern-day heroes Darren Barr, Derek Carcary and Christian Nade are just some of the names in the Sons all-star squad whilst the likes of Craig Brittain, Toby King, Hugh Ward and Martin Mooney will also don the famous black and gold once again.

Manager Stevie Farrell is also set to take the pitch alongside assistant Frank McKeown and goalkeeping coach Eric Phillips.

Sons fans had the chance to buy their spot in the squad, or in the dugout, with striker John Gemmell and ex-player Alex Grace in charge of the supporters.

The game has been a couple of years in the making with supporter and long-term volunteer at the club John Sartain being the brains behind the operation this year.

He was tasked with getting in touch with ex-players to make up the legends team and has been left delighted with the response.

Speaking to the Reporter, he said: “The idea was originally from the now defunct Supporters Team. They had everything in place last season and for one reason or another, it fell through.

“With this being a big anniversary for the club I thought why not give it a second go?

“I thought if I could get a good mix of players from different eras then it would appeal to fans of all ages.

“Alex Grace, who is taking the supporters team on the day with John Gemmell, was a big help.

“He gave me phone number after phone number and thankfully everyone I messaged was excited to be part of the game.

“The same goes with Lee Sharp once I got in touch. He was a big help in getting other ex-players.

“I wasn’t sure what condition the ex-Sons would be in nowadays, so I approached younger guys like Sam Wardrop and Adam Monaghan but with the number of medium shirts I’ve had to order for the game, it’s clear these guys are still in good nick which doesn’t bode well for the Supporters Team!

“I’m delighted with the response from the old guard. It just shows that they must have really enjoyed their time with us and there’s obviously a real fondness still there.”

Sartain admits there has been the odd logistical nightmare in putting a game like this together but come Sunday he will just be looking forward to going up against some of his heroes.

He explained: “There’s been a few little niggles getting the game going. The dates were tricky because we obviously didn’t know how our season would pan out while we started with the event.

“This goes for the players as well, Andy Graham was keen to play but with Alloa if the playoff hunt there’s no way he could play on the off chance some duffer like me stepped on his toes.

“Personally, it’ll be good to play against guys like Lee Sharp, Toby King, Craig Brittain, Martin Mooney and Hugh Ward. Those guys are my first real memories of going to Boghead to watch Dumbarton.

“Also playing against Sam Wardrop will be an experience. He should really still be playing so it’ll be interesting or embarrassing, it could go either way playing against him.”

As well as the match itself there will be plenty on offer during the day with Bar 72 at the stadium set to be open, a raffle, buffet and souvenir programme.

Entry on the day is by donation at the gates and Sartain hopes as well as being an enjoyable day out for those on and off the pitch, it will give a boost to the clubs coffers.

He added: “Hopefully the Sons fans really come out in force on the day and cheer everyone on and help raise funds for the club.

“We’re going to have a buffet on after the game and a really exciting raffle with great prizes so there is something for everyone - and who knows, people may just get to witness the greatest sporting upset of all time.”

The all-stars squad in full: Darren Barr, Paddy Boyle, Craig Brittain, Derek Carcary, Iain Chisholm, Stevie Farrell, Toby King, Gerry McCabe, Stuart MacIver, Graeme McKenzie, Frank McKeown, David McNaught, Ryan McStay, Kenny Meechan, Adam Monaghan, Martin Mooney, Allan Moore, Christian Nade, Eric Phillips, Graeme Ramage, Joe Robertson, Lee Sharp, Hugh Ward, Sam Wardrop and Frazer Wright. (Squad subject to change depending on players’ commitments).