Mind Games promises to 'challenge your beliefs' as it brings a unique combination of illusion, mind reading and hypnotism to the town.

The show brings together the talents of Kris Blak who calls himself 'the Mentalist', Jim Smart, a hypnotist from Alexandria and Chris De Rosa, an illusionist.

Kris told the Reporter: "The concept of the show is to have three different kinds of mystery entertainment acts perform on the one night.

"We're all friends and work separately normally but decided to combine our acts, there's something for everyone.

"We decided to go somewhere outside of the city where we could still get a large enough venue.

"If you are interested in the kind of thing Derren Brown does then that's the kind of thing I specialise in, we're billing it as a great night of entertainment."

Kris describes his own act as '100 per cent authentic', basing it on his interpretation of audience member's body language. He added: "My official title is the mentalist and it's essentially mind reading what I do, gauging when someone is lying or what they are thinking like a human lie detector.

"My background is as a performer, I acted quite a bit and have appeared in a few TV shows and films in a blink and you'll miss it kind of way. I also was a singer and spent a long time doing the touring circuit in Scotland.

"I kind of stumbled into this by accident, I'd always had an interest in magic and illusion but never performed in that side of things - I realised I could instinctively tell when people were lying."

Kris, who first started performing his act in 2007 as a small part of his music show, says his experience as a live performer helped him develop his act. He continued: "The first few times I did perform I was nervous because the type of show you're doing can go so incredibly wrong, but because of my experience I was able to disguise the nerves.

"You try and change and add to the show, especially when you know people who have seen your act already are coming, but the good thing is about my act is that it depends on the audience member's reaction which is unique every time.

"We've all got about 45 minutes each but there's a couple of parts we work together on. The initial idea is if this show is successful then we will tour it next year, it's the first show of its kind in Scotland."

The show takes place on Friday, September 13 in the Denny Civic Theatre. Tickets for the family friendly show are priced at �12 for adults and �10 concession and are available at www.mindgamestheshow.co.uk.