Next month the former Clydebank High pupil will join a star-studded list of musicians including Biffy Clyro and Florence and The Machine after hooking up with popular West Dunbartonshire based folk rockers Have Mercy Las Vegas.

The six-piece group are now hoping to dazzle a packed audience during their first performance at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut next month, something 21-year-old Andrew admits he never expected to happen this time last year.

Last week the Old Kilpatrick man told the Post: “Me and Eilidh from the band went to school together but never really spoke. We were in the same music class together but would have walked by each other, maybe said hi, but that’s about it.

“Then about May I ran into her in a nightclub and we had a chat then went our separate ways. The next night I went back she was there too, it was such a coincidence.

“I asked her how her singing was going as I remember she used to sing and she said she was in a band. Then she asked if I was still playing the violin, I said ‘yes’ and she said we’re looking for a fiddle player why don’t you audition.

“I thought it would be a plan you make after a few drinks that never materialises but they sent me some of their tracks and I went and played with them. It was all very last minute and I was quite out of practise at the time and feeling really nervous but they made me feel right at home straight away.” Andrew has now joined band mates Marc McLean, Crispin McAlpine, Stephen Scott, Eilidh Trotter and Phil Plunkett who joined forces to form the group in April 2011.

And he said was delighted to be invited to play at the renowned Eden Festival so soon after joining the band.

He added: “They said do you want to come on with us and invited me to play at Eden festival. I think I did a victory lap around my flat, it was a bit of a dream to play with them and I didn’t think it would happen.

“That was the first festival I’ve played at and it was actually the first festival I’ve ever been to.

“The atmosphere was great and the people who came along to see the band were great and really supportive — it was a fantastic experience.” The band is now hoping to capitalise on its recent success and have their new single Pappy out by the time the King Tut’s gig rolls around. They are also hoping to release their debut album before the year ends.

Fellow band member Stephen Scott, 31, said: “It’s a great gig for us to get and one we are really looking forward to. We’ve all seen plenty of gigs at King Tut’s, some new bands and some bigger bands there too, but it’s great to finally get ourselves up there as well.

“The people of the Vale and Clydebank have really supported us and we would like to thank them for that. I think there’s four bands playing and about half the crowd will be people there to see us.

“Andrew has been a fantastic addition to the band he’s completed the sound for us.

“It’s just added a wee extra lift to the sound. He’s a good guy as well, we’re all musicians but we’re all pals as well.”