The event will use the murky parts of the town’s past to provide an entertaining escapade just in time for Hallowe’en.

Speaking to the Reporter, one of the event organisers — Cameron Murray — says the town is the perfect spot for the tour. He said: “I’m originally from Clydebank and have always wanted to do something like this in Dumbarton because I know so many of the tales from the town and can add a few surprises of my own.

“I do mystery shows, part illusion, part danger, part escapology, that’s how I make my living. This is the first one we are doing but hopefully it will get a good backing.

“I’m looking forward to it to be honest. I have been to a few of these types of shows in Edinburgh, but I would say the ones in York are the best and that’s what’s influenced a lot of this show.” Cameron organised the tour with Jeanette Ryan, who is a member of history group the Strathleven Artizans.

He added: “Dumbarton has got a really diverse past full of ghostly tales — you have got everything from devil worshipping, nobility being killed by peasants, to old shipmasters and Britain’s worst ever hangman.

“It really swings from pillar to post in Dumbarton and I’m not sure it does anywhere else. There’s going to be information and stories that people aren’t aware of, it’s just so different.

“We spent a long time looking at the ghost stories and dark tales of Dumbarton’s past — one or two days a week for about a year. We then decided what are the best tales.

“We also spent a lot of time trying to get genuine artefacts from the appropriate places, one of the best things we have got is a key to a door that’s no longer there, but supposedly you can still hear it being locked at night. If someone can take the artefact in their hand, it’s so much more of an experience.” Cameron hopes the tour will attract tourists as well as residents, giving the town a boost at the same time as entertaining people. He added: “We’ve arranged the tour so that it lasts around 45 minutes to an hour and it is also on flat ground.

“People in wheelchairs or with mobility problems won’t have an issue, we’ve done our best to ensure this is as user-friendly as possible.

“All the locations are in the centre of town and close to each other. We’ve been going round it the last few weeks to practice and it’s been going really well.” If you want to take part in the tour, meet outside the Denny Tank Museum at 7.30pm on Wednesday, October 30 where you will be able to pay the £5 ticket price.

The event is free for under 16s but they must be accompanied by an adult.