STELLA sneaks off early to spend time with Stevie - but they are spotted by a suspicious Gabriel. He tries to warn Stella from having an affair, after all he knows how badly it can end, but Stella insists it's very casual.

Stevie is doing the same but is riled when he sees Stella playing happy families with Bob later that day.

Stevie brushes it aside though and asks Stella to go away with him for a night - but Stella says that can never happen.

They get interrupted by a good looking sales rep who has come to meet with Stevie - and Stella soon gets a touch of the green-eyed monster herself.

With everything getting a bit more serious the pair soon call it off, which is just in time for Stevie, as Nicole turns up with some news.

Cal is terrified of going to the hospital and has stopped eating. Kelly-Marie has tried everything but Lenny thinks he can do a better job of making him eat. When he hears there's a children's event at the community centre Lenny takes Cal along - and discovers it's a presentation of some unusual pets.

Despite his obvious nerves, Lenny is pushed into holding a tarantula by Raymond, but realises he can now teach Cal all about courage.

It's Liz's birthday but, at her age, she's not keen to shout about it. Malcolm decides to surprise her and after putting some heads together, they decide a 20's themed party would be right up her street.

They're not wrong and Liz is delighted - particularly with an unexpected present from Scarlett.