GABRIEL has big plans for himself and Leyla when he arrives at the Brodie house for dinner but is soon brought down to earth when he comes in to find the family discussing Michael's headstone. Deciding to take control, Gabriel encourages everyone to embrace getting on with their lives and advises Nicole and Leyla to try going back to work.

Gabriel also suggests to Leyla that they should make a go of things - and Leyla asks Gabriel to stay over. Despite the children accepting the situation, Gabriel's joy is soon turned to panic when he discovers Lenny is storing drugs at the arcade - and with Leyla realising she has huge money worries, she turns to drink - which means the relationship could be over before it even starts.

After Gabriel's pep talk, Nicole heads to the salon to ask Robbie for her job back.

Robbie offers her a job but isn't ready to make her a stylist just yet.

Nicole heads to see Gareth to share the news but is soon faced with a furious Gabriel who puts her straight on Gareth's dangerous colleagues.

Bob, Stella and Stevie are all struggling with their new living situation but are trying to create too much of a drama amongst the residents of Shieldinch. However, with a little advice from Kelly-Marie, Bob finally decides it's time they all moved on and advises Stella to get a solicitor.