Kids in Balloch got into the Hallowe’en spirit with a spooky project recently.

Children from Haldane Youth Services have been working with podcast producer, Jo Hall, to create a special series of seasonal video and audio clips.

Local youngsters Rebecca, Mylie and Haley helped Jo try out some Hallowe’en activities - and recorded themselves so others can listen in.

You can hear them explain how to make scary marshmallow faces, the basics around apple dooking, as well as enjoying some ghostly jokes.

Jo told the Reporter: “Children are always much more creative than we are, they add things in that we wouldn’t have thought of.

“The whole point of the podcast is to make kids more creative, thinking about themselves, making and doing things in a different way.

“We always do a story starter section, with some words to get them to create their own stories.

“For the Hallowe’en special we did dooking for apples, with a fork, and a section on making spooky faced marshmallows.

“The podcast has a lot of children’s voices in it, and I wanted to have a lot of Scottish kids voices in it, because we don’t really hear that.

“I had previously worked with the kids from Haldane when I first set-up, so I went back and they were fantastic.

“They came up with a lot of creative ideas and hopefully they’ll help with the Christmas special.”

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The 5 Minute Creative Corner Podcast is for children aged six to nine and is packed with creative ideas young people can get involved with. The podcast is fun, free and made in Scotland. In each podcast there are lots of different activities to choose from.

Jo also produces the JoJo Gnome series of books, has written for children’s TV (CBeebies: Balamory, Me Too, Nina and the Neurons, Molly & Mack) and BBC School Radio.

You can check out Jo’s 5 Minute Creative Corner Hallowe’en Special at

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